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cyrstal birthstone fashion jewelry

Fashion jewelry

cyrstal birthstone fashion jewelry

Over the centuries, Citrine acquired a reputation as a "success stone" that promotes prosperity and abundance. It's sometimes nicknamed "merchant's stone" because superstitious merchants of times past put Citrine in their cashboxes to bring in money. However, Citrine supposedly also brings about success in unexpected ways. Citrine is also thought to encourage kindness by guiding those who profit from its powers to spread their wealth with others.

Citrine also is thought to enhance mental clarity, confidence. and will power. For these reasons, practitioners of New Age healing arts often recommend Citrine crystals for people who suffer from low self-esteem or even depression. Citrine is thought to deflect and dissipate all kinds of negative energies, generating stability in thought and emotion. Citrine is also rumored to foster happiness and good cheer, and reduce self-destructive tendencies and self-doubt.

Citrine crystals are also commonly prescribed by healers to aid in digestion and also boost the immune and endocrine systems. It's believed to play a role in eliminating toxins from the body and in overcoming various addictions. Whether chosen for its gleaming beauty or alleged psychic benefits, Citrine brings a sunny gleam and good fortune to its wearers.

Owning a wonderfulf floating locket is very personal and close to your heart. This is why many people are having fun in buying floating charms and other cute fashion jewelry. All of these seem to get your attention because you feel the connection between the items and with these cute jewelry, you can tell your own life story.


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