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Replace your various eyes

A considerable level of research and development has been invested in lens design, so that cataract removal can now be the principal, though not the exclusive, motivation behind replacing natural lenses in the eye. Unsurprisingly, the leading refractive lenses, or intraocular lenses, have become the most popular option.

Standard Lens vs. Refractive Lens - It might seem on the surface of it that all lenses are the same, but the precision put into the design of modern lenses is extremely impressive. Standard lenses offer only a straightforward solution to the issue of cataracts. The fact that so many people suffer from the eye condition means that the demand for a workable solution has been high, so a standard lens replaces the flawed natural lens and allows patients to see clearly again.

Dial Vision The regulation force means that the eyes can see both the distance and the ability to see the near scene. The regulation is achieved through eyeball ciliary, lens suspension ligament and lens. When gazing at an infinite distance, the ciliary in the eyeball is full relaxation, the lens hangs ligament pulls the lens equator part, causes the lens to become flattened; when gaze target moves near, causes the lens suspension ligament gradually to relax, the convex degree becomes bigger, causes the near scene image to fall on the retina, Dial Vision Glasses thus can see nearby scenery.



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