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Which Chi Flat Iron Is Best for You?

 Protect eyelash

Which Chi Flat Iron Is Best for You?

Initially one should look at the iron itself i.e. what material is used. Each material performs differently. Ceramic irons, which are widely preferred, allow the heat to be distributed evenly. This decreases the chances of you burning your hair. Tourmaline irons heat up extremely fast and gives your hair a high shine. It is useful for hair styles which require long lasting super straight hair. Ionic irons are useful for frizzier hair. It retains moisture in the hair which in turn reduces frizz.

Size of the iron plates are a factor to be considered. The size of the iron plates should be decided depending upon the amount and length of the hair. The thicker and longer your hair, the bigger the plates you require. While short or thin hair requires narrower plates. The width of the plates range from 3/4 "- 3 inches.

tyme The hair straightener can also judge the quality of the product from another side by its appearance. Regular manufacturers pay attention to a variety of quality, including appearance. Generally look at the various edges, if the mold injection is very smooth, no burr, indicating the high quality of mold development, or after the injection of repair. In addition to rotate the tail, see whether it is very flexible, very flexible, indicating that the match is good. tymeironbuy is to let the power cord natural droop, 360 degrees rotating straight hair, if you can smoothly rotate 360 degrees, indicating good turn tail.


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