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Tips for washing your face properly

skin care

Tips for washing your face properly

Summer, the skin out of the oil too much, a lot of people love with fat strong foam Cleansing Cream, but early autumn season, skin oil secretion reduced, if using potent oil Cleansing Cream, will make the skin more dry, so we should choose some of the Cleansing Cream mild, dry skin can choose a moisturizing facial cleanser milk.

Due to the cooler temperatures, the amount of oil secretion on the face will follow reduced, especially dry skin, less oil belongs to the skin, if your face too many times, the skin will be more dry, so in the morning wash, wash with water directly as long as the good night for a dirty face, and then wash milk can be washed. Oily skin, often shine, therefore, most people will one day wash the face several times, but the autumn and winter, oil secretion has not in the summer, the number of face should be reduced, otherwise they will lead to fat loss too much.

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