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How to Buy a Gift Wallet For Dad

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How to Buy a Gift Wallet For Dad

1) Step one: Find out what style wallet he has now.

A: Most Dads don't like change unless it radically offers a solution to a wallet problem he might be experiencing. Ask him if he likes his wallet and what he would change-believe me that he has been thinking about more than he even realizes. Everyone has a strong opinion about wallets, just ask him.

2) Front pocket wallet or back pocket wallet? Or put it another way, does size matter? Imprint & surface area of the wallet...

A: Small to Big size continuum of wallets goes in order from card cases-money clips-clip wallets-trifolds-bifolds-to hipster or super skinny sizes. Most bifolds and hipster models are usually too big for the front pocket unless they have hinges that move with the body (like the super skinny model). Most trifolds fit easily in either pocket depending on how much they are overstuffed.

3) Does he carry pictures? Does he need inserts? Or has he gone digital already?

A: If he hasn't gone digital with his photos in his cellphone or keychain photo thingy, some wallets already come with inserts or he can just use his old inserts-all inserts have a "tongue" portion that fits into a card slot-he can simply pull out his insert and put into your new gift wallet!

4) Is he a bifold or trifold kind of guy? i.e. most Dads stick to these two basic styles over the years.

A: The most popular trifolds are the regular triple foldover or the L-Shaped Trifold which coincidentally is also considered a bi-fold with a flap and is the most popular bi-fold wallet. Ahh the world of wallets and what's in a name...Those are the top two wallet styles so you got a 50-50 chance of being on the money so to speak.

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