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Why does someone have straight hair?

The hair has two basic components: hair shaft (black part above the scalp) and hair follicle (not visible in the skin).tyme iron buy on online store.
It can be said that the hair follicle is the organ responsible for the production of hair, and its properties directly affect the shape and texture of the hair. The shape of hair follicles is affected by genes.
Effects of Genes on Hair: Curls are an autosomal dominant feature. An autosomal dominant trait is one in which one parent (father or mother) has a mutation (dominant) gene and the other does not have a mutation (dominant) gene. People sometimes have autosomal dominant disorders, which means that their children have a 50% chance of having a mutation (dominant) gene.
As described above, hair curls are autosomal dominant traits, which means that one of the parents has straight ... [more]

How to show your hair in winter

How to show your hair in the winter, there is always a suitable for you, so you follow the fashion and beautiful footsteps.tyme iron buy on offiical website.
Red-brown hairReddish hair color lining the skin white and tender and pink powder feeling, want to look good face MM can try to dye reddish hair color blemishes, and it feels very warm, it is suitable for winter clothes, this thick color It echoes with the heavy winter clothing. Rolled up hair leaves a little curled hair on both sides, cuteness UP!
2. OL curlsThe oblique bangs of the 28-point split add a mature charm. It is almost the hair that began to curl at the end of the hair. This is one of the trend of this year's hair nets. It is not like draping and it can be tied up. It is a very suitable hair for working people. Oh.
3. Pear head + wool ... [more]

How to choose hair color and beautiful hairstyles

We all know that hair coloring not only hurts the body but also hurts the hair quality. However, some hair colorings are really good-looking. Many people want to dye and encounter this kind of entangled situation. How do we choose? Of course it is highlighting, highlighting is not only good-looking, but also no harm to health.tyme iron is a revolutionary product.
1. Fashionable brunette highlightsSome time ago, it was very popular with short hair. Many friends followed suit to cut short hair. However, after they finished cutting, they found that they had short hairs that were almost the same as themselves. In this way, their hair styles became uncharacteristic. Short hair can't grow immediately, so a friend who wants to get away from mediocrity can choose to dye. The black student's head highlights the blue and can easily change the style of the entire hairstyle. ... [more]

You should comb your hair with a comb before using the curling iron

Before curling your hair, you should comb your hair with a comb. Then take a small bundle of hair on one side and use a curling iron to hold the hair back with a 45° curl. Loosen the curling iron, take a small bundle of hair, and follow the figure to curl the large wavy curvature.
According to the above method, continue to take out the small bundles of hair and make it hot. After that, we can take out the top hair and then use a curling iron to hold it and rotate it until it forms an internal buckle.tyme straightening iron is a professional styleing tool for women.

Finally, we used a curling bar to curl the bangs, so that the bangs became slightly inward. After curling, we could pull our hair a little to make it more natural.

How to choose a beautiful hair stick

1. An electric coiler with steam function, large diameter, and plastic material is the best.
2. Select the electric roll bar is best to choose the surface of ceramic matte material is more appropriate, not only easy to comb, but also does not hurt the hair, because the bright side material, although heat conduction, but it is easy to hurt the hair, the hair burnt .
3. Select the electric coil bar for the steam-type hair styling mode, the shape is faster and more durable, it is like hair in the beauty salon, steam function can reduce thermal damage.
4. Select the electric roll bar grip is best made of plastic material, the user can be said to be a layer of protection, because the iron material is easy to heat, it is easy to hot, the most dangerous.tyme curling ... [more]

Japanese hair style can always be so eye-catching

Japanese haircuts can always be so eye-catching, it can be said that the visual impact, Xiao Bian brought today is a hundred percent of the Japanese Department of Variety short hair, and quickly come to see.tyme curling iron is on our site.
A very exaggerated Mori girl with short green hair, with retro red lips, international range of children, there are wood? Japanese hair styles need this effect.
Light brown and pink mixed dyed Japanese short hair, very cute, high-level bangs style, but also highlights the delicate face of the girls.
A very short bob hair hairstyle with a Japanese style! Thick Qi Liu Hai and short hair, can better modify the face.
Qi Liuhai hair straight hair, gives a very fresh range of children, this Japanese ... [more]

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