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dark color long curly hair style

Fashionable, fresh, flaxen long curly hair, Qi Qi's bangs and the top of the hair to form a head shape, full of sense of saturation, from the visual appearance of the face to create a more compact, large degree of natural decentralization, and white Snow, white cotton vest, white moist skin, forming a beautiful, full winter romance.tyme hair iron  is unique design makes it easier to create beautiful curls in less time and with less effort because we put the twist in the tool and not the wrist.

Dark brown long curly hair, hair volume similar to the volume of the egg roll to create a sense of flu flu, repair Yan good results, but also to show the lively temperament, reduced age, full of femininity, but not significant maturity, Qi Liu Is the secret, Qi Liu always gives students a lively, pure emotion, so if you think curly hair is too mature, try curly hair + Qi bangs, ... [more]

very classic and stylish long curly hair

The charm of the goddess is many girls are dreaming, is because will get a lot of men's bells, so temperament long curly hair is must not miss, up to share 2014 latest Japanese fashion hairstyle, sweet show thin temperament, this winter don't miss Oh!
This brown curly hair, in fact, can also be in the middle of the curly hair, because the use of the form of the middle, highlighting a Japanese girl charm, coupled with the hair tail wave large volume design, so that the face instantly become thin and good-looking, the whole person also become sweet and thin up.tyme curling irons create any hairstyle in minutes,suit for anytime and anywhere.

This side of the long curly hair, with a brown hair color, will be the style of the whole hairstyle become more stylish Japanese and Korean wind, coupled with the design of ...


This Korean long curly hair looks very nice

This Korean long curly hair is very attractive, but also very wild hairstyle, hair wave of the end of the wave highlights the girls gentle lady temperament, chestnut-colored hair design lined the skin even more white and flawless, Qi Liu better face modification, Thin and seductive.
This Korean long curly hair is made of corn hot design, a very good highlight of the sweet temperament of girls, fluffy shape can make the face look even more thin, this hairstyle can help you create a tide girl temperament oh.TYME Titanium Hair Straightener was made to help women create many styles of beautiful curls in less tyme, and it also straightens as well!

This Korean long curly hairstyle is super popular models, slight curl in the degree of modification of the face well, so that the round face or wide-faced girl looks more skinny, Qi bangs let the ... [more]

The trend in the middle of a Queen's breath

Sunny afternoon and girlfriends to a warm and pleasant appointments, of course, a temperament long curly hair is indispensable, the following small series for everyone to share 2014 girls latest curly hairstyle, beautiful Korean style relaxed show temperament and was thin .
This long curly hair in the points, the trend of the sub-points there is a Queen's breath, but in fact is not true, the design of the hairstyle is very elegant temperament, simple and easy care, smooth hair combed up More rapid, aesthetic look best.tyme iron is your best choice.

This large side long curly hair, most of the oblique bangs with irregular design, very sexy, especially in the form of sideways generally block the face to help repair Yan but also to show the temperament, messy sense of the hot roll modeling show Transfer girls show fashion charm.


Ladies come DIY hair curly hair plate hairstyle

This year's New Year's Eve is also Valentine's Day, everyone happy event, the ladies came DIY long curly hair plate hair hairstyle, creating a sweet Valentine's Day dating hairstyle, take the lead in 2014 hairstyle trends.tyme iron short hair was made to help women create many styles of beautiful curls in less tyme, and it also straightens as well!

Yun children love this egg roll head, the simple dish made by the egg roll, you can create a long curly hair cat hair!
STEP 1: First hair bar with hair DIY, all hair fluffy, to create a sense of air, so that the long curly hair more agile.tyme iron for sale  for you.
STEP 2: Grab a strand of curly hair above your ears and twist the ... [more]

how setting tyme iron

Position is key to getting proper results with the Tyme Curling Iron. You can use this tool as a Flat Iron, a Curling Wand, or a Curling Iron.  Straightening is easy and faster than with my high end straighter I already owned.  The curls are a bit trickier and really depend on the starting position and the angle at which you pull.  Once you get the rhythm and position down it can be very quick!  It takes me less than 10 minutes to curl all of my hair.  The Tyme curling iron can be used on long and short hair to create several different styles.  Tutorials online and a Tyme Stylist can help you achieve any of these looks.  I have had a ton of fun learning new styles now that I have the hang of it.tyme iron buy on official shop.
One thing that I found to be a bit weird is that you cannot change the heat setting on the Tyme Iron.  It is set at 400 degrees once you turn it on.  Coarse hair ... [more]

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