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The Incredible Benefits of Using an Essential Oil Diffuser

A cold essential oil diffuser release oils into the air in a very, very fine mist. Because no heat is involved, the whole oil molecule stays intact, and you're breathing essential oils into the lungs, the air around is ionized and cleansed, odors and mold are neutralized, and the room smells ...


Perfume and fragrance oils

Essential oils should not be confused with perfume or fragrance oils. Essential oils are extracted directly from real plants. That means the oil contains the true essence of the plant, including any therapeutic values the plant it was derived from has.

Perfume and fragrance oils are ...


Evaporative diffusers are best used:

For fans of aromatherapy, this essential oil necklace diffuser is a must-have item. Now you can carry your favorite essential oil with diffuser necklace ...


Synthetic Substitution

Although we use aromatherapy to mean the therapeutic use of essential oils, the word is not formally defined or regulated by the US government. As a result, it is legal to sell products labeled "aromatherapy" that do not contain essential oils, but only synthetic fragrance.

Synthetic ...


Jewelry The Ideal Christmas Gifts For Mom

You have a whole lot of jewelry gift alternatives available to you after you are in search of jewelry for mom. You are able to select from a wide assortment of jewelry that's ideal for Christmas wear and that could also be worn throughout the year. If you are looking for mom Christmas ...


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