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Fashion jewelry

cyrstal birthstone fashion jewelry

Over the centuries, Citrine acquired a reputation as a "success stone" that promotes prosperity and abundance. It's sometimes nicknamed "merchant's stone" because superstitious merchants of times past put Citrine in their cashboxes to bring in money. However, Citrine supposedly also brings ...


Top Significance of Birthstone Jewelry

Precious stones and gems have had a major significance in the life of humans since time immemorial. They are connected to human facets like birthdays, anniversaries, astrological signs, behavior and events. There are various gem stones that are closely linked to the nine planets and also ...


With The Help Of A Birthstone Bracelet

It is wonderful to have something that is very personal and close to your heart. This is why many people are having fun in buying things like chains with their floating lockets, stickers of their Chinese horoscope and the most popular is


dotiow fashion jewelry

From early centuries women and jewelry is as associated with one another as horse and grass, as the horse can't survive without grass the same is the case with women, they can't even think of surviving a day of their life without jewelry. Why women and jewelry are inseparable is the question ...


shop birthstone jewelry online

you may encounter three terms that are widely used in the jewelry industry. They are the three types of birthstones—those that are natural, genuine and synthetic.
Firstly, natural birthstones are raw precious stones that are not yet cut and polished. While genuine birthstones are those ...


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