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Ben je benieuwd naar de laser pointer

Breed scala van laserpennenBen je benieuwd naar de laser pointer ? Neem een ​​kijkje in onze webshop. Wij bieden een breed scala van laserpennen in verschillende kleuren en soorten, zoals een magnetron laser, disco laser, groen, paars en rood laser.Rode laser pennen voor consumentenBij laserpennen slechts op de markt Red de enige kleur waarin ze werden gepubliceerd. Vandaag heb je ook andere kleuren laser, zoals ...

Free Space Laser Communication and Atmospheric Transmission Conference

R. W. Kingsbury et al., Planet Labs, Inc., U.S.A., published an article entitled "Implementation and Validation of a CubeSat Laser Transmitter." This paper presents a CubeSat micro-satellite-scale laser transmitter implementation and verification results. The main oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) is designed to produce an optical signal with a wavelength of 1550 nm and an average power of 200 mW using directly ...

Ultrafast Lasers Are Used in Consumer Electronics Processing

Today, ultrafast lasers (femtosecond and picosecond pulse width) are an important part of the industrial production process. With its high-quality non-thermal material processing capabilities, coupled with advances in laser technology, process development, beam control and transmission, the application of ultrafast burning laser pen in the industrial market is further expanded. However, in order to maintain a ...

High power green laser pointers can be used in different disciplines

High power green laser pointers can be used in different disciplines. In military and astrology, blue laser pointers can be used in order to aim at a target, location or object of interest. In education, teachers as well as students make use of blue laser pointers during discussions or demonstrations. In advertising and business sectors,laser engraving machine are also used when performing annual reports or ...

Research on Burning Laser

Research on Burning Laser Researchers are very interested in diamond burning laser mainly because they can transmit energy over long distances and rarely disturbed. This research may be available in the field of laser ranging, space communications, or laser weapons. Laser pointer in our life I love this 5000mw Laser Pointer . I use it in an indoor range so I don't have any visibility issues to speak about. It ...

The strongest diamond laser pointer

  You can purchase a maximum of the laser pen on the Internet to launch a few watts of energy, but if the power come to 380 watts what will happen? It will be stronger than the traditional 5000mw Laser Pointer about 80 times. Scientists have developed a new diamond laser that is 80times powerful than the traditional burning laser pointer . This is thanks to a diamond lens developed by scientists at the MQ ...

Laser Guns to Fight Mosquitoes

Laser Guns to Fight Mosquitoes From the earliest flyswatter to now electric mosquito repellent incense, mosquito killing lamp, we used many kinds of methods to kill mosquitoes, but the effect is poor. Myhrvold Nathan, a former Microsoft engineer, founded a company called Ventures Laboratory Intellectual. He invented a magical mosquito killing machine photonic fence, is actually use burning laser to kill ...

Large Pulsed Energy Fiber Lasers

Laser surface treatment technology refers to the interaction between the laser and the material to make the material surface of the desired physical and chemical changes, so as to achieve the improvement of its surface properties of a technology. It is the use of blue laser pointer beam fast and local heating materials to achieve local acute heat, melting or ablation, and can be handled in a variety of ...

Differences of laser weapon between America and China.

  According to the Russian satellite network reported that the US Navy recently announced that, in the Persian Gulf, "Ponce" amphibious ship's laser weapon system LaWS successfully passed all tests. It has started duty since December 2014. The system is currently still very low power. Russia's strategic and technical analysis center experts pointed that LaWS can only deal with boats or small UAVs. In order to ...

Laser Sweeping Robot

2016 has entered the countdown, "artificial intelligence" is undoubtedly a hot topic this year. From the beginning of the global public opinion caused by the man-machine war Li Shishi defeat a French dog to the end of the world focused on the Internet Conference in Wuzhen, artificial intelligence contains huge future business opportunities are becoming the consensus of mankind. At this point, the national policy ...

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